Redstarfish is a leader of aquaristic industry. This company specializes in super large skimmers production used in ceanariums, public aquariums and breeding places in the  whole world. Experirnce gained thanks to super large skimmers production is helpful and used during production of skimmers, bilological filters and other accessories needed in aquaristic hobby.

Most of aquaristic companies considered that skimmers’ construction reached final possibilities. Meanwhile Redstarfish company patented unique diffuser solution and proved that there is still a lot to be done.

It is a well-known fact that cone type body skimmers achieve higher efficiency than previously used skimmers with straight reactive pipe. Redstarfish company made a decision to use this  idea in the first stage of releasing air bubbles through the pump. Skimmer diffuser is equipped with miniature cones and enhance water and air mixing before skimming which makes skimmers series  RS-NPlus  20 % more efficient.

Protein skimmers series  RS-NPlus are equipped with economical, silent and safe DC pumps, special made needle-wheel impellers in connection with individual intake air nozzles offer optimal air to water relation.

Pumps used in skimmers series RS-NPlus are equipped with advanced microprocessor driver which enables eight- stage adjustment of the power, delayed start function after power outage and it offers feed mode.

New skimmers series RS-NPlus have pipeless design and they are equipped with draining system with precision valve which enables to work in low water level conditions. New construction type makes them fully disassemble, easy for cleaning. Crossed drainage design on top, featuring faster dirt collection and higher skimming efficiency.


– For tank: 800-1000 litres

– Pump:  HP-4000 L

– Pump power: 35W

– Dimensions: 285x260x600mm

– Air intake: 1450 l/h


Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.