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The Aqua-Trend company was founded in 2009, from the beginning of its activity dealing with the production of electronic devices for marine and freshwater aquariums.

Our company focuses its production on devices that facilitate the control of water parameters. The basis of our production are devices that supplement evaporated water, devices for dispensing trace elements, supplements and devices that supervise the operation of pumps, heaters, etc.

The products we offer are characterized by high reliability, affordable price, and professional and fast service.

Aqua-Trend products can be purchased in several hundred stores in Poland as well as in many EU countries and beyond.

We implement individual projects for oceanariums and public aquaria.

We invite you to cooperate in the distribution of Aqua-Trend brand products.

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RedStarfish is the leader in the aquarium industry. This company specializes in the production of mega skimmers used in oceanarias, public aquariums and breeding around the world. The experience gained in the construction of skimmers RedStarfish also uses in the production of biological filters and other accessories intended for hobby aquaristics.

We invite you to cooperate in the distribution of RedStarfish products.

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The Cyrex brand is a world leader in the aquarium lighting industry. The company offers lighting using all known light sources such as LED, T5, T8 and HQI.

Lighting provided by CYREX is characterized by a modern look, innovation and reliability. CYREX lighting perfectly blends in with modern interiors and arrangements.

We invite you to cooperate in the distribution of CYREX brand products.

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Hiker Ocean

Hiker Ocean is a producer of synthetic sea salt intended for different biotopes, in the Hiker Ocean offer we can find, among others, personalized salts for SPS and LPS coral rearing. Hiker Ocean is a salt supplier to many oceanariums and public aquariums around the world, which contributed to the increase of popularity among hobbyists.

We invite you to cooperate in the distribution of Hiker Ocean products.

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