Storm is a series of exceptional skimmers designed in accordance with the latest trends of art for marine water in aquariums.
Skimmers Storms provide the highest level of efficiency while skimming  and low electricity consumption.
Robust design and aesthetics are further features of the product. Skimmers Storm is made of the highest quality acrylic with thickness from 4 to 20mm (depending on model). All items are made with the utmost care and are perfectly matched. The clever design allows for complete conversion of the reaction chamber. The device has a very quiet mixing pumps, modern air intake dampers and antivibration elements.
Technical data:
Pump: DC with a capacity of 1200 L / H
Power consumption: 12W max
Air consumption: up to 400L / H
Dimensions: 180x180x400mm
The recommended water level: 150-180mm
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