The Milestone series is a premium class of aquarium devices, characterised by their excellent and modern design. All Aqua-Trend devices of the Milestone series satisfy the highest requirements of aquarists, and are designed with care and attention to detail, utilising the highest quality components.
R Doser Milestone 6 is a dosing, peristaltic  pump designed for power of calcium reactors, 24 hours feeding,  the administration  of medicination, or for other applications that require precision and reliability.
The R Doser Milestone’s main features are: very high standard of work (quiet operation), linear efficiency control 0-6l/h, continuous operation without excessive heat development , ultra durable dosing tube.

R Doser Milestone pump can be use in micro dosing mode with using “microdos” hose . The device works with efficiency in range:0-15ml/h (0-0,25ml/min) enabling the dosing 0,01ml.
The device is equipped with a communication connector allowingit’s integration with other Milestone series products.

Technical data:
Weight:  850g
Dimensions: 190/170/150mm
Power supply:  24V DC
Power consumption: max 12 W
Efficiency: 0-6l/h
Efficiency: 0-15ml/h when using the “microdos” tube