Description of the product
Doser One Evolution is one of the most modern and technologically advanced aquarium dispensers on the market. Its functionality, accuracy, the fact that it is easy to use constitute an absolutely new, higher level in the field of aquarium supplements dosing.
As a market leader of dosing systems in Poland, using our extensive experience we could develop a device, whose laboratory accuracy will surprise many an aquarist and enable to doze automatically preparations that previously couldnt have been dosed in this way.

Basic parameters of the dispenser:
– the selection of menu language Polish/English
– a 24-hour real time clock,
– a seven-day calendar,
– permanent memory of the processor with battery backup
– operates seven peristaltic pumps (four pumps integrated into the main unit with the flow rate of 4.5 ml/min + a possibility to connect an additional Fast module with pumps with the flow rate of 40ml/min
– a perfect, independent calibration of each pump (during the calibration process the driver measures the pump running time in milliseconds and the stored value is used during the further work of the dispenser)
– the resolution of dosing in the range of 0.1-5ml every 0.1ml
– the resolution of dosing in the range of 6-200ml every 1ml
– the minimum single dose – 0.1ml
– the maximum single dose – 200ml
– the possibility to program any unique dose within the range of 0.1-200ml for each hour, each day of the week (a total of 168 unique doses per week for each one of seven pumps)
– the possibility of week programming (a dose is recorded automatically for all days of the week)
– manual switching of pumps
– the monitoring of liquids consumption in tanks (the driver subtracts the dosed volume of fluid from the entered tank volume and informs us when the fluid level drops below 90% of capacity)
– the protection against repeated switching of the pump in case of current decay
– the dispenser  is equipped with reliable, high-quality peristaltic heads that thanks to rigid coupling with the drive gear ensure dispensing of accurate and repeatable doses.

The package includes:
– the Doser One Evolution device
– the user manual in Polish + the warranty card
– an AC adapter
– a graduated glass for calibration of peristaltic pumps
– grease for peristaltic heads

Technical parameters:
Power supply: 12V DC
Power consumption: 5W
Flow rate: 4.5ml/min
Casing dimensions: 225mmx200x85mm

The product comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.


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