Levelautomatic  Milestone is a very modern , microprocessor controlled device designed for refilling evaporated water in aquarium which has a filtering system based on a technical tank (sump).
The device is equipped with two level sensors: an optical used to start the filling process and float sensor which has a supervisory role.

Levelautomatic  Milestone can work with DC pumps, or DC solenoids and is supplied with one of these elements. The device is equipped with a double-sided start delay function, which completely eliminates frequent, uncontrolled switching on pump/solenoid caused by waves  at the  water surface.

The device is provided numbers of protective mechanisms to  maximize safety and reliability of use:

  • Emergency float sensor. Activated  sensor immediately switch off  of the pump/solenoid and starts acoustic and optical alarm.
  • Lack water detection in the tank from which the water come from. In the situation when the water is being  pumped out to the lowest level which does not allow pump to work, the device  switch off the pump and activate acoustic and optical alarm.
  • Detection of leak water from aquarium. In the situation when water leak is faster than possibility of refill, device stops work of pump/solenoid minimizes the consequences of failure and switch on  acoustic and optical alarm.
  • Timed limit operation of the pump/solenoid. In the situation when optical and emergency float sensors  are not operational( for example when work is blocked  by animals or different equipment in the tank) the device after a set period of work time pump?s/solenoid?s will stop the  refilling of water and activate an acoustic and optical alarm.

Set contents:

  • Levelautomatic  Milestone device
  • DC pump or DC solenoid (dependent on choice of configuration)
  • adjustable handle for optic sensor
  • handle for float sensor and silicone tube
  • AC adapter
  • silicone tube 2 meters( for set with DC pump only)
  • spanner
  • velcro strap

Technical data:

  • Power supply:  12V DC
  • Power consumption: 0,5-8WH
  • Dimensions: 85mmx 55mmx18mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Efficiency DC pump: 200l/h
  • Solenoid operating pressure: 0-0,4 MPa