Doser AT1 Plus v2 Aquarium Dispenser \ Doser AT1 Plus v2 Aquarium Dosing Pump is precise, multifunctional, dosing device designed for both marine and fresh tanks. Aqua-Trend designers used their whole experience to create dosing unit appropriate to  up-to-date needs of fresh water and marine aquarists. The effort brings easy to use, effective and reliable device.

Doser AT1 Plus v2 besides advanced dosing functions is equipped with a couple of extended options used so far as separate in aquaristic. Thanks to all functions combined in unit AT1 Plus v2 users can call it an ‘aquaristic computer’ with no doubts.


The device allows to dose daily three (or six after connecting an extra Doser AT2 Module) fluids, fertilizers, micro and macroelements in freshwater tanks or KH buffer, magnesium, calcium, mineral salts, plankton, medicines and other supplements in marine tanks. Distinctive element which makes Doser AT1 Plus v2 special among other dosing units  present on the market is easy to program way of releasing doses supported by ISPD system. To set dose of fluid, user only indicates daily fluid dose and number of parts to divide (1 to 24).  This device independently will split  a daily dose into equal parts and release fluid in time which will not allow to mix releasing fluids by particular heads.

ISPD system- Intelligent system of doses’ optimizing allows to release fluid by two or more pumps the same time. ISPD system enables to split daily dose into 1,2,6,12 or 24 parts, although splitting into ‘1’ is optimized to dose micro and macroelements in planted aquariums. Set times of releasing doses including split into ‘1’ are specific to this type of supplementation.

The calibration pumps function is responsible for accurate dosing in Doser AT1 Plus v2 device. It guarantees that doses will have exactly the same volume as the user programmed.

The dosing function is supported by liquid consumption calculation system which informs the user  about the need to replace the stock of dosed liquid.

The device enables to measure dose with resolution of 0,1 ml, hourly minimum dose volume comes to 0,1 ml, hourly maximum dose volume comes to 200 ml, daily minimum dose volume comes to 2,4 ml, daily maximum dose volume comes to 4800 ml.




Automatic Top Off:

After plugging to Doser AT1 Plus v2 the set of ‘ATO1 AT Series’ for sump system or ‘ATO2 AT Series for tanks with no sump, the automatic replacing of evaporated water function will work. ATO sets include two  reed water level sensors and DC pump.

ATO systems are not included in standard sets. They are additional accessories.

Temperature measurement including temperature exceeding alarm:

After plugging the dedicated temperature sensor ‘TEMP AT Series’ the device displays the current temperature in aquarium and also enables to show exceeding of upper and lower temperature value using an acoustic signal.

Temperature is measured with resolution of 0,1°C

Temperature Sensor ‘TEMP AT Series’ is not included in standard set. It is an additional accessory.

pH measurement including pH exceeding alarm:

After plugging  pH electrode, the device displays pH reading in aquarium and also enables to indicate exceeding of (set before) upper and lower pH value using an acoustic signal. What’s more, pH measurement is accurate thanks to pH electrode calibration function.

pH is measured with resolution of 0,02°pH


pH electrode is not included in standard set. It is an additional accessory.



What’s included:

  • AT-1 Doser device
  • Manual
  • Power supply
  • Calibration measure
  • Silicone tubing (4m)
  • Tubes holder


  • Supply voltage 12 VDC 2A
  • Maximum load of ATO Pump: 500mA
  • Weight: 560g
  • Dimensions: 155x185x70mm
  • Efficiency of peristaltic pumps: 100ml/min
  • Number of dosing channels: 3
  • pH measurement range: 4-9° pH
  • pH measurement resolution display: 0.01°pH
  • pH accuracy measurement: 0.05°pH
  • Temperature measurement range: 1-50°C
  • Temperature measurement resolution display: 0.1°C
  • Temperature accuracy measurement: 0.5°C
  • Degree of protection: IP30


Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.