Automatic Top Off Levelautomatic V3 is the third generation of device popular on Polish market.  New version of the top off is extra equipped in acoustic signal informing about crossing maximum water level.

Levelautomatic V3 is a device designed for replacing evaporated water in aquariums equipped with filtration system based on a sump (technical tank). This device can control DC pump or solenoid valve supplied with 230V AC. The device is equipped with double integrated water level reed sensor. Lower sensor responsible for switching on refilling DC pump or solenoid valve, top sensor which has emergency function is responsible for switching of the pump or solenoid valve in case when lower sensor will not work properly. The device is equipped with hysteresis which eliminates frequent uncontrolled switching on DC pump or solenoid valve which is caused by water floating on the surface. Green LED on the panel indicates connection to power supply, yellow LED indicates electric voltage in the power socket (turning on refilling device), red LED indicates working of emergency sensor (emergency disconnection in the power socket) this state is also indicated by acoustic signal.

Description of functionality:

Natural, water evaporating  process causes lowering of its level in the lowest plumbing installation point,  that means in the sump.  Lowering of water level makes the lower water level sensor start working which  after a few seconds turns on power socket of the device Levelautomatic V3.Water pumped into the sump settles the water level and lifts up lower water level sensor and turns off the power in the power socket. Process of evaporated water replacing  is indicated by yellow LED. In emergency situations when despite of refilling water to defined level the voltage in power sockets does not switch off, increasing water level makes top emergency sensor activated and it turns the power off in power socket definitely. This situation is indicated by red LED and acoustic signal.

What’s included:

– Levelautomatic V3 device

– Regulated reed sensor holder

– Manual/warranty


– Supply voltage – 230V AC

– Power input – max 5W

– Maximum load – 300W

– Dimensions – 120mm x 70mm x 45mm

– Weight – 320g

– Length of water level cable – 150cm