ATS  algae scrubber supports mechanical filtering in the marine tanks. ATS reduces harmful substances in the water, limits growth of unwanted algae in the main tank. It is also a zooplankton and phytoplankton habitat.

ATS is made of high quality acrylic. It is easy to install on the edge of the tank. You can regulate the pitch and length.

ATS400 is intended to be used in the tanks up to 400 litres with the advised flow 600 litres per hour and the light 30W 2700k.

In the following film you can see the work of the smallest scrubber ATS100.


The set includes:

– drain pipe (width 25 cm; the length can be regulated within 390- 600 mm),

– holder (unables installation on the edge of the tank and regulation of the pitch),

– holder of the algae screen,

– algae screen,

– algae scraper,

– silicone tube (used to connect the scrubber with the pump).