ATO1 AT Series is a set of components of automatic top off cooperating with  Aquarium Dispenser Doser AT1 Plus (all versions) and ITI Aquaristic Computer.

The set enables to control water level and permanent replacement of evaporating water in the tank. Thanks to regulated water level holder it is possible to regulate water level in the tank in the wide range.  Sensor is equipped with  two independent floats, lower float switches on the refilling pump and top float which is emergency unit and prevents pump from running in situation of not working or blocking the lower float. This set is recommended to systems including technical tank (sump).

What’s included:

  • Double combined water level sensor
  • Regulated level sensor holder
  • DC pump
  • Silicone tube: 1,5m
  • Silicone tube holder


  • Length of combined sensor cable: 200cm
  • Range of sensor holder regulation: (0-30cm counting from the edge of glass to lower float)
  • DC pump:12V (float rate max 280l/h, max head 2m, cable length 200cm, dimensions 40x40x30mm)

Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.