Aqua-Trend “Delay Switch”

The device is dedicated for all aquarium lovers that have HQI lamp with or in-sump froth breaker.
Operation “delay switch” lies in the delay in switching on the froth breaker, HQI lamp or other device after a power cut in the network.

The unit delays switching on aquarium equipment for 10 minutes.

Surely each one of us experienced a situation where after the power failure, water level in the sump rose and after the power is switched on again, there was an overflow of the froth breaker and water pollution in the aquarium. “Delay Switch” effectively protects us from this situation in such a way that when power is turned on the froth breaker switches on after 10 minutes.

When our device is connected to a HQI lamp, we protect it against so called hot start and consequently his protects the filament from our early wear and tear, or even immediate destruction.
Delay switch can have many other uses, you can connect to it, e.g. ozonator, additional portion mechanism, the CO2 valve, dosing pump, etc.

Technical data:

Power supply: 230VAC 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: max 5W

Maximum load: 500W

Dimensions: height. 45mm x width. 70,9mm x L. 120,5mm

The product comes with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.