This device shuts down the pump  after crossing specific water level

CAT/050 can be used  in situation of protecting the skimmer from overflowing.  What is more, there is no possibility that the content of the skimmer cup is able to get into the tank (water cycle) . This unit can also protect the main tank from overflowing, for example, as a consequence of clogging emergency standpipe or drain pipe. It can also control the work of automatic top off system, etc.

In the CAT/050 set there are two holder kits. One of them allows installation of liquid level sensor in most of skimmer cups (drilling of the holes 6mm and 12mm in a cover of the cup is required). The second  is used to install level sensor  on the edge of the tank. The holders in the set have got height adjustment of sensor placement.


– Supply voltage  –  230V AC

– Power input – 2W

– Maximum load –  500W

Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.