Levelautomatic SIMPLE – automatic Aqua-Trend refill

Minimalism at its best  – this is the right name for Levelautomatic SIMPLE.

The simplicity of construction and operation translates into reliability. Ease of installation makes the device user-friendly.


The device is intended for replenishing evaporated water in aquariums equipped with a sump or filter panel.


Levelautomatic Simple consists of a three-level optical sensor integrated with the electronic system – the device is devoid of external controllers, drivers, etc.



Principles of action:

– optical sensor automatically starts the pump when the water level reaches the minimum level,

– optical sensor automatically turns off the pump when the water level reaches the optimal (desired) level,

– an optical sensor automatically turns off the pump when the water level reaches a critical (emergency) state when, for some reason, the pump is not turned off after reaching the optimal level.


– install the optical sensor on the tank glass using a magnetic holder so that the desired water level falls on 2/3 of the sensor’s length,

– install the silicone hose on the edge of the glass using a special holder and connect it to the pump,

– connect the pump and power supply to the optical sensor according to the marking on the connector,

– place the pump in a tank with clean water,

– connect the power supply to a power socket.

Set contents:

– integrated, three-level optical sensor,

– water pump,

– AC adapter

– silicone hose

– magnetic level sensor holder,

– silicone hose holder,

– user manual,

Technical data:

· Power supply: 12VDC 1A

· Power cord length: 1.8m

· Pump cable length: 1.8m

· Water lifting height of the pump: 2m

· Pump capacity: 270l/h

· Minimum water level maintained by the device (from the top of the glass): 5.5cm

· Total length of optical sensor: 8.5cm

· Silicone hose length: 2m

· Maximum glass thickness (for mounting the magnetic holder): 10mm