DoserXs SAMUDRA multifunctional aquarium dispenser
The next generation of the dosing device created by Aqua-Trend.DoserXs is the quintessence of Aqua-Trend’s several years of experience in the construction of aquarium dosing devices. The ability to expand DoserXs with additional accessories to support aquarium care makes it more than just an aquarium dispenser. The new DoserXs is the most advanced aquarium dispenser on the market that meets all the expectations of aquarists:

  • the highest level of safety of use
  • easy operation via a free, intuitive application in Polish and English available on Android and IOS platforms
  • five dosing channels provided by quiet and accurate peristaltic heads
  • High Durability pressing hoses
  • temperature measurement
  • management of automatic refill operation
  • magnetic stirrer management
  • safe Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication
  • compact housing and easy installation
  • rich basic equipment
  • 24+12 month warranty
The most important functions of the dispenser/application:

  • precise pump calibration
  • manual pump activation
  • measuring control doses
  • fluid consumption monitoring with low fluid alarm
  • a unique dose measurement schedule for each of the five pumps
  • several modes that make it easier to fill out the schedule: copying doses within one day, copying doses between days, copying doses between pumps, bulk filling out the schedule, percentage dose correction
  • temperature measurement with alarm when programmed critical values ​​are exceeded (accessory equipment)
  • automatic refill with alarm when the critical level is exceeded (accessory equipment)
  • controlling the operation of a magnetic stirrer (accessory equipment)
  • history of temperature measurements presented on a graphic chart
  • aquarium management statistics: all measurable parameters and maintenance activities presented on graphic charts in the application
  • continuous development of the application thanks to the involvement of the user community
Technical data:

  • number of channels 3
  • minimum daily dose 0.1 ml
  • maximum daily dose 500 ml
  • number of doses on day 1-24
  • dimensions: 238 mm x 84 mm x 85 mm
  • weight: 640 g
  • power supply 12 VDC 2 A
  • power consumption: 0.8 – 9 W
Set contents:

  • DoserX dispenser
  • AC adapter
  • hose holder
  • a set of colorful SAMUDRA Rainbow hoses
  • calibration beaker
  • user manual