New gravitional refill is a miniature version of the previous device; it retains all the features and advantages of the older version, but due to the small size can now be used even in small nano/pico reefs, filter panels, etc. Thanks to the modified handle, the refill can be used in tanks where the water level from the edge ranges between 1-30cm.


Very reliable and easy-to-use device for refilling evaporated water in aquariums and other water tanks.
The principle of operation is very simple: loss of water causes a decrease of the float, which opens the valve and allows the water to flow, e.g. from the canister placed above; increase in the water level lifts the float, closing the valve and thus also the water supply.

Included in the set:

– gravitional refill
– secure plexiglass handle
– 2-meter R0 tubing for connecting to the tank

The product is covered by a 24-month manufacturers warranty.