Multifunctional measuring device so that in a simple and quick way we can measure whether our brine or water in the aquarium has the ideal salinity and temperature. This salimeter also has TDS meter options so we can easily check the quality of water from our RO / DI filter.

For reliable results, the device has been equipped with a calibration function and a reference fluid is included in the kit.

Electronic salimeter – measurement of salinity, temperature, TDS
Range of measurement Temperature: 0°C-50°C
Salinity: 0-50ppt
Specific gravity : 1.000-1.043
TDS: 1-300pmm
Measurement measurement Temperature: 0.1°C
Salinity: 0.1ppt
Specific gravity: 0.001
Measurement tolerance Temperature: ±1°C
Salinity:  ±1.5ppt
Specific gravity: ±0.001
TDS: ±3%pmm
Measurement of the environment 0°C-50°C
Battery saving function Automatically turns off after 1 minute
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation
Display Color LCD display
Testing The meter vibrates once, which means readiness to perform the test
The meter vibrates twice and blinks twice when the test is finished
The measured value flashes twice and is displayed on the screen
Reminder about battery replacement Highlighted “LOW” icon informs about battery replacement
Power 1.5V*2EA (Battery AAA)
The level of water resistance Waterproof


Warranty 24 months.