Doser One Evolution is one of the most modern and technologically advanced aquarium dispensers on the market. Its functionality, accuracy, ease of use, sets a whole new level in the field of aquarium food supplementing.
As a market leader of dispensing systems in Poland and based on great experience, we were able to build a device, whose laboratory accuracy will surprise many and will allow for automatic dosing of formulations, whose dosage has not been possible so far.

Basic parameters of the dispenser:
– Twenty-four real-time clock
– Seven days calendar
– Non-volatile memory with processor battery backup
– Support for seven peristaltic pumps (three pumps integrated into the main unit with 4.5ml/min performance + possibility to connect an additional module with four pumps with a capacity of 4.5ml/min, or a Fast Module with three pumps with a capacity of 40ml/min.
– Perfect, independent calibration of each pump (during the calibration process the driver measures the pump running time in milliseconds and the stored value is used in further work of the dispenser)
– Resolution of dosing in the range of 0.1-5ml every 0.1ml
– Resolution of dosing in the range of 6-200ml every 1ml
– Minimum single dose – 0.1ml
– Maximum single dose – 200ml
– Possibility to program any, unique dose within the range of 0.1-200ml for each hour, each day of the week (a total of 168 unique doses per week for each of seven pumps)
– The possibility of week programming (a dose is recorded automatically for all days of the week)
– Manual switching of pumps
– Monitoring of liquids consumption in tanks (the driver counts down the set volume of fluid from the tank volume introduced and informs us when the fluid level drops below 90% of content)
– Dispenser is equipped with proven, high-quality peristaltic heads that thanks to ? Rigid? coupling with the drive gear ensure accurate and repeatable doses dispensing.

The package includes:
– Doser One Evolution device
– User Manual in Polish + warranty card
– AC adapter
– Graduated glass for calibration of peristaltic pumps
– Grease the peristaltic heads

The product comes with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.