Automatic Top Off Levelautomatic SW is a variation of popular auto top off Levelautomatic V2. This device is designed for controlling water level in aquariums and sumps.

Levelautomatic SW, unlike V2 model is equipped with two water level sensors which enable to keep water level close to the edge of the tank. The sensors are installed using regulated holders.

Description of functionality:

The device tu the pump on when water level is lower than specified. This state is indicated  by yellow LED on panel of the device. After water refilling in the tank the pump  and LED turns off. The device is equipped with time delay system which eliminates too frequent pump switching on in case of water floating on the surface of the tank.

If the activating floating sensor does not work for some reason (for example, was stuck by a snail or sludge, etc.) emergency sensor will be activated. It will turn the pump off and the state will be indicated by red LED.

Green LED on the panel tells that the device is ready to work.


Supply voltage – 230VAC 50/60Hz

Power input – max 5W

Maximum load – 300W

Dimensions – height 45mm x width 70,9mm x length 120,5mm


Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months from date of purchase.